The process of accepting articles in the university publications system

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How to submit an article: Receiving an article is only possible through the publications system.
  User registration: To submit an article, first register in the system. The corresponding option is located in the menu at the top of the page.
 User ID and Password: To send the article, the user ID and password are required, so be diligent in maintaining the email sent by the system. The author's email ID is. If you have forgotten your password, select the "Login" option at the top of the page and click on "I forgot my login password!" click. If you are unable to obtain a new password, please contact the publication's CEO. Also, after logging in, you can enter your desired password on the personal page of the editing section.
How to upload an article to the system: Click on the "Send Article" option at the top of the page. The article should be uploaded as a main file and include all the different sections of the article (abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, sources used and English abstract). Please make sure that the figures and tables are included in the text of the article. Wherever a figure or table is mentioned in the text of the article, the relevant figure or table should be inserted immediately after the end of the paragraph.
 Be careful before uploading files:
Upload two files with and without names in Word. Upload the commitment file as an attachment.
 Very important points (regarding the importance of choosing the author responsible for correspondence):
When uploading an article, there is an option to specify the author responsible for the correspondence. The article can be uploaded by any author, but the author must choose the person in charge of the article.
After submitting the article, the entire file process will be visible and traceable only from the author's page in the author's correspondence card, and other authors will not be able to access and follow up. Therefore, be sure to be careful when determining the author of correspondence.
 Preliminary review and judging: After submitting the article, it is first reviewed by the journal expert to adapt the article to the format available on the site to resolve possible problems, by the responsible author. Scientific Secretary.. If approved by the editor and members of the editorial board, it will be sent electronically to the appointed judges (at least three judges).
  Very important points
 After editing the article (initial editing stage) and also inserting the judges' comments (inside the correction table), the previous files will be replaced when uploading the new file.
  How to follow up the article: After two months from the expert approval and initial review of the article, if the article was in the دا reviewing دا situation and no response was received, send a follow-up email to the expert:
  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the CEO:


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